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Our aim: to create a technologically-empowered workforce to shape the future of healthcare.
Dr Azeem Alam, BEM
Fellowship Lead
Digital Health Council Member at Royal Society of Medicine and Co-Founder of BiteWorld; Ex-Cera
Madeleine Dunbar
Operations Manager
Operations Manager for BiteWorld
Ksenia Ellum
Fellowship Manager
Fellowship Manager for BiteLabs
Thee Kosin
Marketing and Social Media Lead
Marketing and Social Media Lead for BiteWorld
Dr Zac Hana
BiteWorld CEO
CEO and Co-Founder of BiteWorld
industry experts

Meet your advisors.

The visionaries behind BiteLabs, dedicated to blending clinical expertise with technological innovation to transform patient care. Below is an abridged list of our +100 advisors from +80 organisations.
Dr Rhydian Harris
Fellowship Advisor
Co-founder BiteLabs Healthtech; Ex-Pando, Ex-Numan
Dr Julia Manning
Fellowship Advisor
Digital Health Lead, IXN for the NHS & Strategic Alliances Adviser, Dept Computer Science | President, Digital Health Council, Royal Society of Medicine
Dr Paulina Cecula
Fellowship Advisor
Co-Founder Dama Health
Dr Vishaal Virani
Fellowship Advisor
Head of UK Health, YouTube
Dr Tim Ringrose
Fellowship Advisor
CEO of Cognitant Group Limited
Dr Keith Grimes
Fellowship Advisor
Clinical Product Management, Honorary Lecturer in Digital Technology & Health
Dr Lucinda Scharff
Fellowship Advisor
Senior Clinical Specialist at Google
Dr David Rawaf
Fellowship Advisor
Clinical Excellence Lead at Inovus Medical, Surgeon, Innovator
Dr Tahseen Tayob
Fellowship Advisor
Senior Innovation Manager at Imperial College Health Partners
Dr Avi Mehra
Fellowship Advisor
Associate Partner & CSO - Healthtech at IBM | Co-Founder Doctorpreneurs
Dr Anas Nader
Fellowship Advisor
Co-Founder/CEO of Patchwork Health
Dr Nadja Auerbach
Fellowship Advisor
Clinical Product and Clinical Ops at Thriva
Dr Grace Hatton
Fellowship Advisor
Principal Clinician @ Arcturis Data
Dr Ernest Lim
Fellowship Advisor
Medical Director at Ufonia and Ophthalmologist
Dr Jonathan Andrews
Fellowship Advisor
Healthtech & Medical Advisor | NHS & Private Doctor
Dr Seema Dadhania
Fellowship Advisor
Clinical Oncologist | CRUK PhD Fellow
Dr Ahmed Shahrabani
Fellowship Advisor
Doctor, NIA Fellow & Co-Founder at Locum's Nest
Dr Alastair Darwood
Fellowship Advisor
Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Skarper
Dr Arran Schlosberg
Fellowship Advisor
ex-Google+DeepMind Software Engineer
Dr Claudia Pastides
Fellowship Advisor
Medical Director | 🩸Flo App (Femtech)
Dr Jasmine Grimsley
Fellowship Advisor
The London Data Company: Co-Founder, Chief Data Officer
Dr Lucy Marples
Fellowship Advisor
Clinical Specialist at Google
Richard Seward
Fellowship Advisor
Product Lead
Dr Annabelle Painter
Fellowship Advisor
Medical Doctor and Clinical AI Fellow
Dr Leslie Dickson-Tetteh
Fellowship Advisor
Co-founder of Cherub Digital Health
Dr Jason Arora
Fellowship Advisor
Physician-scientist and health technology executive
Dr Oscar Bennett
Fellowship Advisor
Senior Data Scientist at Faculty
Dr Robert Cann
Fellowship Advisor
Clinical Lead at Accurx
Dr Bharadwaj Chada
Fellowship Advisor
GP Trainee, RSM Digital Health, HealthTech & Innovation
Earim Chaudry
Fellowship Advisor
Chief Medical Officer at MANUAL, NHS Clinical Director, Digital Health Consultant
Dr Sigourney Waibel
Fellowship Advisor
Venture partner at EWOR and teacher at Imperial College London
Alistair Darwood
Fellowship Advisor
Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Skarper
Sam Dhesi
Fellowship Advisor
CEO and Co-founder at Popp AI
Dr Karim Sandid
Fellowship Advisor
Entrepreneur In Residence at Zinc VC and Medical Doctor
Dr Georgina Phillips
Fellowship Advisor
Doctor and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow
Dan Mullarkey
Fellowship Advisor
Medical director at Skin Analytics and NHS GP 
Chris Rushworth
Fellowship Advisor
Head of Product at Ted’s Health
Dr Ruby Wang
Fellowship Advisor
Managing director at LINTRIS Consulting,  Digital Health Council at Royal Society of Medicine
Ben Williams
Fellowship Advisor
IP/Tech Partner @Withers tech | Campaigner for better diagnosis/treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Dr Anas Nader
Fellowship Advisor
Co-Founder and CEO of Patchwork Health
Dr Matthew Tranter
Fellowship Advisor
Healthtech Consultant and Chief Medical Officer at Bloomwise
Dr Anna Tahir
Fellowship Advisor
Doctor and Technical Programme Manager at Islacare

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